When Ocean Meets Sun


The day is young, just like them. The sand is moist, eternalizing all their steps. Ocean and sun can hardly separate in the distance, kissing one last time for today…

These wonderfully light pictures that invite us to dream at the beach are the result of a very special collaboration of international artists, photographer and creative director Stefanie Roth told us.

„This styled shoot on the last warm day of the year in Domburg, Netherlands, strengthened the alliance between wedding vendors of Germany and the Netherlands.

Valuable and hand written stationery with passionate calligraphy by the great Clara Riemer complemented this wedding inspiration perfectly. An inspiration that combined loveliness with the wild atmosphere of the beach.

Two exceptional vendors from Vlissingen supported this unusual yet harmonic combination: hair and make-up by gorgeous Melissa Burghardt and the perfect bridal bouquet by wonderful Samantha van der Linden.“

What sounds like a fusion of the arts, a symbiosis of talents and a blend of visions turned into a total artwork which Stefanie Roth caught on impressive pictures for us…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein,



MAKE-UP + HAARRE: Melissa Burghardt
FLORISTIK: Samantha van der Linden – TopFleur
PAPETERIE: Clara Riemer
UHR: Kapten & Son
LOCATION: Brooklyn Beach, Domburg
MODELS: Sarah Weinfurter + Daniel Bartel