There´s a magical connection between sisters bonding them for life. Just like Magnolias and their dust. Invisible, indescribable and inseparable yet stronger and more constant than anything else around them.

Even the bond to a third person, like a man who stole one sister´s heart, doesn´t affect their two hearts beating synchronously like always. It feels like there are two brides preparing for this special day.

Reading each other´s minds, understanding each other´s looks. Stilling each other´s fears and sharing each other´s joy. Empowering and capturing each other, encouraging and comforting each other. But who´s the bride and who´s the sister?

„ I’ve always dreamt about organizing a photo shoot which will carry a note of mystery with itself, one where not everything will be immediately obvious, one that will charm with its effortlessness.“ event designer Agata of  Love Prints Studio explained to us. Not only did she create this gorgeous and lovingly decorated setting among nature, she also designed this classy stationery!

„I invited a wonderful photographer Marysia, who as it turned out wished to create a story like this as much as I did. And it is through her fantastic intuition of emotion and scenery that our mutual dream actually became reality.“ the artist told us enthused about her collaboration with  Marifoto.

A delicious cake, sparkling head pieces, scented Magnolia trees and stunning robes by  Moons Varsovie acted as adorable supporting actors which turned this shoot into a harmonic synthesis of the arts.

This is where the talented photographer of  Marifoto shares her visions with us and makes us dream away the day…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



DRESSES: Moons Varsovie
CROWNS: Decolove
SWEETS: Slodka Gospocha
MODELS: Sylvia + Eve