The Nature of Things


I am alone in silence all by myself. You know what I am talking about, don´t you? I´m walking along a path with countless possibilities to turn off.

Clouds are hanging over me, I´m sending them away with my sorrows. Finally, I´m about to start a new life with you. There´s wind everywhere and I´m dancing with it. Luck means seeing the horizon while it remains untouchable for us.

Finally, I feel free. As long as I may lay down my mask in front of you and nature, as long as forces carry me, I know I´m welcome.

That I´m an important piece of nature even if I´m just a guest. Toddling on pebble stones like a secret visitor who´s allowed to sneak a peak into hidden chambers of diamonds. I walk cautiously and carefully to run like an untamed horse towards the setting sun afterwards.

She´s buried under every stone, she´s hanging from every branch. She admits of no doubt. Our invitation cards are written with coal and framed with dried petals. Just as nature love doesn´t need more than what she essentially is. No need to chum up, it is what it is. That´s her secret.

With this shooting Sofia Ferreira of Brancoprata created an emotional piece of art captured by the picture artist Andre Teixeira of Brancoprata on exceptionally expressive pictures that catapult us right into seventh heaven.

Text: Laura Elisa Nunziante, Translation: Marina Jenewein





PHOTOGRAPHER: Andre Teixeira – Brancoprata
VIDEOGRAPHER: The Amazing Rabbit
CREATIVE DIRECTION + FLORALS: Sofia Ferreira – Brancoprata
STATIONERY: Levado a Letra
DRESS: Rute Moreda for Manuela Noivas
CAKE: T Bakes
FASHION STYLING: Marlene Vinha Pretty Exquisite
HAIR: Diff Hair Designers
FILM LAB: Carmencita