Tay and Reagan – Love At The Coffee House


Their love for each other grew constantly during the countless hours that Tay and Reagan spent talking and drinking coffee at their favorite coffee shop.

They say: “Our relationship is all wrapped up in coffee and conversation. From the very beginning, our time has been spent talking and sitting together: two coffee cups, phones put aside, and a couple of hours just listening to each other. No matter what happens in our future, we expect coffee and conversation will be constants.”

They met during their spring semester at PBA in history class and got paired together for group projects. From the start they shared a lot of laughs as their friendship grew.

Tay: „It wasn’t until we were both planning to move away that I realized how essential Reagan was to my life. We started dating right before we moved. Fortunately, we both ended up in Texas where we worked hard to maintain our long distance relationship. We would meet halfway between Houston and Waco and spend all day at random coffee shops, which inspired our engagement shoot at Subculture.”

While home for the holidays last year, Reagan asked Tay to join him for grilled cheese sandwiches at Howley’s, which they did when they were in school. Afterward they went for a walk near campus and wound up at the classroom where they first met. Inside, their entire love story was written on the chalkboard and her best friend was hiding in the corner with a camera.

Reagan: “She has this incredible ability to be both caring and focused. Her smile is perfect and I love watching her use it. Maybe the best thing about her is she’s always herself. She refuses to be less than authentic, which is amazing when all I could ever want is for her to be just her. I could never have scripted a more wonderful friend or a more incredible relationship.”

Tay also told us: Reagan is spontaneous and steady, challenging and supportive, ridiculously talented and amazingly humble. He is a walking paradox and I get to be with him forever. Even when I was blind to his feelings for me, he always showed up when I needed him. We can be so silly together, laughing at the smallest things, but he is more than my intellectual equal. People naturally listen to him and follow his example, but he never abuses the privilege. He is the most amazing man, friend, and partner. I could go on and on about him.”

Photographer Melanie Gabrielle impresses us over and over again with her talent of catching beautiful and touching moments artfully on camera. You´ll be fascinated by this magical world of pictures as much as we were.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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© Melanie Gabrielle Photography