The fabulous world of Corsivo Calligraphy


Her studio’s décor is minimalist, yet calligrapher Carmela experiences inspiration in every nook and cranny. Inspiration for an art thought dead, which she breathes new life into day after day. Surrounded by books about mythology and art, accompanied by the significant words of renowned authors.

Whenever her quill touches the paper, it marks the beginning of a story for Carmela. In the end, stories become memories and a blank page becomes a unique artefact. Profoundly united in their beginnings, which are always based on Michelangelo’s words: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

Carmela was introduced to the art of calligraphy as a young girl. Her mother and grandmother spent hours carefully teaching her each letter of the alphabet. The young Italian internalised this passion when she went to University, complementing it with knowledge about beauty and aesthetics in the art world.

The young girl has grown into a beautiful young woman. An artist who, as Corsivo Calligraphy, creates perfectly formed paper goods that remain in the memories of bridal couples around the world forever. In the true sense of the word, her handwriting reveals an instinct for style and aesthetics, as well as a love of old worlds. In a transient digital world, her masterpieces of curved lines and artful letters keep the shine of days gone by alive.

Let yourself be carried away by the stunning images of Katie Nicolle in the fabulous world of Corsivo Calligraphy.




PHOTOGRAPHY: Katie Nicolle Photography
ARTIST Corsivo Calligraphy
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