Bridal Dresses of the Elves


Whenever finest lace nestles up to soft skin and noblest silk flatters filigree silhouettes we look at the new bridal dresses of the elves.

A playful waistband here, a beguiling back neckline there. Simple cuts with refined details or elaborate embroidery on bold colors – the new Elfenkleid collection presents itself exceptionally colorful yet elegant as ever.

Recently photographer Maria Luise Bauer showcased the label´s special designs among the popular hotspot at the “Wiener Naschmarkt” by taking advantage of natural light and shadow as well as the remarkable ambience of the neighborhood.

Not only did she focus on the single- and multicolored dresses in white, gold or black but also on the handmade jewelry by gold smith Michaela Römer who impressed with her sense for style and elegance.

We are deeply fascinated by the beautiful selection of dresses and sink into the great images shot by Maria Luise Bauer




FOTOGRAFIE: Maria Luise Bauer
SCHMUCK: Michaela Römer
MODELS: Stella Models