Wedding hippie

Wedding hippie




Do you want a relaxed planning time and an unforgettable dream wedding? Then Hochzeitshippie as a digital wedding planner is the perfect companion for you and your partner when planning your wedding. We’ll help you plan a unique and unforgettable wedding – from the free wedding checklist to start planning to our tailor-made wedding concepts.

Our wedding concept offers you a step-by-step guide for perfect and stress-free wedding planning. With our Wedding Starter Package you will receive the 10 most important checklists for a perfect start to your wedding preparations. And with our Happy Wedding Plan you can enjoy a relaxed planning time and experience your dream wedding as a happy bridal couple – even if you have little time or budget.

At Hochzeitshippie you will find everything you need for perfect wedding planning. Let’s make your wedding dreams come true together!

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