Three brides. They could not be more different. They stand in front of a large stone construction. Ladders lie spread out on the floor behind them. We see a field of shingle. It almost seems as if we are on another planet.

The sun is hidden. A bit later, a bride is standing on a ladder. A thousand red flowers are braided into a crown on her hair. The wind pulls her veil in another direction. She has to hold on to the ladder. The women jump, run, skip. They hold bouquets. They hold the day’s long, short, little, wild flowers. They wear hats with their hair loose.

Another bride impresses with a standing collar made of grass by the floral designer Timo Bolte who constantly surprises us with new ideas and exceptional materials.

A topless man in jeans comes to visit. He puts himself between the women. The sisters-at-heart huddle together and cling to the visitor, not wanting to let him go.

Suddenly, the stone structure and ladders have disappeared. We can only see the field of shingle. A puddle of rain has formed. Gentle rays of sun appear here and there. The brides lean against a black wall. The visitor is still here. He holds on to them. The brides must walk the path ahead of them alone – that is for certain. They do not hesitate for a minute.

And picture artist Roland Faistenberger delights us with expressive pictures that capture our imagination…

Text: Laura Elisa Nunziante


viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0001 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0001a viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0002 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0004 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0005 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0007 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0007a viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0008 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0010 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0010a viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0010b viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0011 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0011a viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0011c viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0012 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0013 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0018a viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0018b viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0018c viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0022 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0023 viennarizona-braut-inspirationen_0024


PHOTOGRAPHY: Roland Faistenberger
DRESSES: Jürgen Christian Hörl
MAKE-UP: Carina Bauer Unzeitig – Feenreich
MODELS: Aminata, Polina, Lena + Timo – Stella Models