VOW RENEWAL at the Salzkammergut


Love doesn´t know seasons or age. All that counts is the right location and the assurance that sense of home and romance belong together. No matter if one celebrates between snow-covered mountains and wintry forests or spacious lakes and blooming meadows.

And that´s exactly what wedding planner Gabi Socher’s wedding community with more than 70 vendors called “sagJA-im—Salzkammergut”  whets our appetite for every day. Our appetite for love and celebration. How, you ask?

With wonderful wedding inspirations by sagJA wedding planner  Michaela Ecker and the great singer of “wedding-music” Manuela Strütt, for example.

The artists  Dayle Ann Clavin Photography and Zopf Photography captured these special moments on their cameras. Like an anniversary with grey hair and the dream wedding of bygone days at lake Attersee. With gorgeous bridal fashion, adorable flower arrangements, creative stationery and much more directly from the Salzkammergut.

Yes, love always has peak season – at every time of the year and for every age. Sometimes to tie the knot and sometimes to renew ones vows. At a dreamlike place in the heart of Austria, among the wonderful Salzkammergut. Where possibilities are as various as love itself – on the high sea, among alpine ambience or romantically between meadows and forests.

With this adorable shoot the team shows us a flashback of this couple’s wedding from back then and invites us to join the renewal of their vows among this wonderful scenery of mountains and lakes.



sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0001 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0002 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0002a sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0003 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0004 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0005 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0005a sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0005b




sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0008 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0012 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0013 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0014 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0015 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0016 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0017 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0019 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0020 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0021 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0023 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0024 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0025 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0026 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0027 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0027a sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0028 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0030 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0030a sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0030b sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0033 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0035 sag-noch-mal-ja-im-salzkammergut_0036




KONZEPT UND ORGANISATION: sagJA-Hochzeitsplanerinnen Michaela Ecker + Gabi Socher
FOTOGRAFIE: Zopf Photography + Dayle Ann Clavin Photography  
VIDEOGRAFIE: Markus Schneeberger
LOCATIONS: Attersee 7 – Hotel Oberndorfer, Hotel Häupl, Hotel Bramosen, Attersee Schifffahrt
AUSSTATTUNG: Brautmode Feichtinger Bad Ischl, Trachten Schauer Bad Ischl
STYLING: Cramazing Visagistik Bernadette Baier, Roswitha Neudorfer
DEKORATION: Elke Lumetsberger – floral elements, Sonja Marterbauer – Der Tonladen, Pelmondo fire cubes, Gmundner Keramik
TORTE: Victoria Balsa cake design
MUSIK: Manuela Strütt – wedding music, Panflöte Peter Leonhardt
PAPETERIE: Brigitte Mayr – Hochzeitsgrafik
ACCESSOIRES: Butterfly Treasures
RINGE: Juwelier Moser 
ZEREMONIE: Mag. Karina Mayr-Kern 
KUTSCHE: Salzkammerkutscher
ALLE PARTNER ZU FINDEN AUF: sag Ja im Sazkammergut