Vow Renewal Underneath The Palm Trees


With our feet in the white sand, the rushing ocean in our ears and the bright sun above our heads we witness paradisiac vows underneath the palm trees.

With exotic flowers in her hair the bride steps under the ceremony arch longingly awaited by her husband, to renew their vows of love.

Like always a kiss seals the ceremony except this time they don´t share it with anyone else. Just the two of them on this deserted beach their feelings get deeper and their bond even closer…

Renewing your vows can be so heavenly romantic! Just like this one of Sasha and Alix who reassured each other once again how much they loved each other in Punta Cana far away from tourism and hotel complexes.

„We are grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph the renewal of vows from Sasha and Alix, in such a natural and paradisiacal atmosphere.“ the photographers Vanessa and Ivo of Momento Cativo rave about this day on the island of the Dominican Republic.

A lovely couple, gorgeous flower arrangements and a soft sea breeze – do you need more on a magical place like this to make this event unforgettable for everyone involved? We don´t think so.

Their happiness and love overflowed with every click we made, we could not have wished for a happier and more special day.“ the two photographers remember.

Here Momento Cativo let us be part of these blessed moments as we sneak a peek into their picture gallery together.




PHOTOGRAPHY: Momento Cativo
WEDDING PLANNER: Weddings in Dominican Republic-Arena Studio
FLOWERS + DECOR: Yana Rogova of Weddings in Dominican Republic-Arena Studio
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Olga Montilla
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
COUPLE: Alexandra Sasha & Alix Puntiel