Sensual Lightness Of Being


Every beginning has something its charm. And so does every morning when a new day rises and we succumb to its delicate magic of suspense. What lies ahead? True love and a dreamlike wedding!

And this is how a bride wakes up on her wedding day, debauching in silent hours of sensual moments before the romantic highlight of her life begins.

It´s the quiet before the storm when summery twittering of birds drowns out the nervous voices in her head during the getting ready. All by herself with a gorgeous dress. Here and there we find dreamy flower arrangements in her dressing room giving first hints of this feast of love.

And then it becomes clear to her: today she becomes a wife! This day starts with some unforgettable moments which photographer Katja Scherle captured artfully on camera with a whiff of boudoir. Suddenly we become voyeurs following those tender and lovely morning rituals.

She takes one last look through the window letting her desire for HIM fly into the distance. Love of life and luck are the mainspring of this morning. Her sensual bridal dress is ready – a summery whiff of romance with transparence for the lightness of being. Naturalness and opulent flower arrangements by Botanic Art are her most beautiful accessories. Romance has never been more alluring.

Oh, how lovely the the tender styling by Tatiana Ashakova and the floral wreath adorns her loose hair as colorful accessory and!

It´s her “something blue” promising a lucky marriage, as if love wasn´t enough of a lucky charm. She consciously enjoys this wonderful morning, keeping it forever in her heart.


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Katja Scherle – Festtagsfotografien
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Tatiana Ashakova
DRESS: Maria Vesssna
FLORALS: Botanic Art
MODEL: Julia Vogt
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab