Wild at Heart – Mountain Love


Grey and bald mountain chains cut edgy lines into the sky telling of plain simplicity of being.

With their pictorial play of contrasts between love and wild nature photographer Katina Fridrik show impressively that love can be as simple and minimalistic as Innsbruck´s monochrome Nordkette. And equally graceful and appealing. A passionate symbiosis of puristic elegance and rough naturalness.

Delicate panels swirl around the bride´s legs who´s standing on the mountain chain´s top gazing over the width of the world. In a majestic way the panels also cover her shoulders with fine elegance leading our look piece by piece towards her grey waist band.

She´s wearing a gently falling bridal dress by Veronica Sheaffer that´s playing with sensual easiness and wild passion. Her loose hair held by a floral wreath gives a maiden charm to her bridal look and sweetness to this wedding inspiration among rugged scenery.

With one hand she holds hands with her groom who leads her protecting through the barren nature, with the other she carries an opulent bridal bouquet by Eva Baumann, who created a soft spot of color using white roses and green eucalyptus.

Some silver highlights here and some minimalistic grey stationery by Papierhimmel there. This is what heaven must feel like!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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Wild at heart from Tom & Nena on Vimeo.

FOTOGRAFIE: Katina Fridrik Fotografie
VIDEOGRAPHIE: Tom & Nena Wedding Film
BRAUTKLEID: Veronica Sheaffer
STYLING: Aline Egg
FLORISTIK: Eva Baumann
PAPETERIE: Papierhimmel
TORTE: Kuchenwunder
SCHMUCK: Freystil



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