Windswept Bridal Inspirations



Only the soft whistling of the wind blowing through the dry landscape is proof that this desert elopement is  a dream.

Like a mirage we experience a moment of celebrated humanity and closeness, in the midst of inhuman conditions and endless distances.

A moment between bride and groom getting lost in togetherness and merging little by little with the place of their marriage.

As if the sky and all its clouds were hugging her immaculate body, flying panels of a gorgeous Carol Hannah dress glide down the bride, while her groom is dressed in earthy tones. Just like heaven and earth these two could not exist without each other…

In her usual poetic way, event designer Janna Brown showcased this wonderful story. A story that breathed new life into an abandoned site in the middle of nowhere.

Therefor she added pale dusky pink and graceful gold to the natural color palette, that mirrored on the lovingly laid table along with stunning stationery by Linen & Leaf.

With the fantastic photographer Charla Storey at her side, Jenna Brown was confident that her unique creations were captured on expressive images for eternity and beyond. Here we have put together some of Charla Storey Photography´s most beautiful pictures for you.



PHOTO ASSISTANT: Krystle Akin, Kate Pease
DRESS: Carol Hannah Bridal
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Natalia Issa
BRIDAL RING. Susie Saltzman
STATIONERY: Linen & Leaf
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
RIBBON: Silk & Willow
RING BOX: The Mrs Box
LINEN: La Tavola Linen
RENTALS: RSVP Party Rentals
SPONSOR: Goodman Film Lab, Kindred Presets