Enchanting Bridal Accessories by Schönmich


Precious Schönmich Accessories soothe our day…

As if they were the last individuals on earth three elfish brides wander through South African fields. Embedded in Mediterranean flair, attended by a warm and golden sunlight.

Each of them is her own beauty, together they appear like a celestial piece of art. Proudly they wear their robes finding perfection within graceful head pieces…

Sheer fabrics, filigree details and distinctive design make this collection of hair accessories of Brigitte Wegerhoff so unique. It feels like every bridal dress finds its perfect headpiece and every bride accomplishes her individual look.

Here in Cape Town, South Africa, three especially beautiful Schönmich Accessories designs were showcased and captured by photographer Samantha Clifton.

The Bridal lookbook created a consistent ambience to flatter the three graceful brides and their hair jewelry. Classy stationery by Pretty in Stains  mirroring the set´s Mediterranean look rounded out the overall picture harmoniously.

Lay back and enjoy this short break from everyday life as we get carried away into the wonderful world of Schönmich Accessory by Samantha Clifton

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Samantha Clifton
DRESSES: Anna Georgina  
MAKE-UP: Marnel Toerien 
HAIR: Skoonlief
STATIONERY: Pretty in Stains  
STYLING: The Bridal lookbook