Is there anything more exciting than looking offer a talented artist´s shoulder while she works?

Come with us and join goldsmith Michaela Römer´s creative world.

This very old story of togetherness is about two obviously deciding moments that you want to keep in mind forever. The first moment starts with this one question for which he wants to be perfectly prepared to… The second starts with the promise walking the path of life together…

Both of these moments are to be sealed with symbols that act as permanent companion who help you remember them in a wonderful way…

And it is because these permanent companions are supposed to visualize this mutual promise for a very long time that couples invest a lot of time in planning and choosing these special pieces.

Whoever seeks for the very personal as well as sustainability and handicraft might find their way to Michaela Römer for dreamlike rings. She´s one of Germany´s most creative goldsmiths.

For more than 21 years she creates unique pieces of jewelry and of course wedding rings in her gorgeous little goldsmiths. Therefor she attaches great importance to environment-sparing and humanely acquired materials. Her favorite material is gold because it´s the most sustainable way to save the environment she says.

Within her own manufactory she welcomes her customers in a comfy atmosphere and starts planning their individual wedding rings with them in a very professional and passionate way and her wonderfully adorable personality.

Many of her customers travel across Europe to plan their custom made rings with Michaela. Any further decisions are made by telephone or skype or by sending messages and pictures back and forth by email. This is how her couples get the chance to trace the progress of their jewelry.

Even her lovingly and carefully chosen high-quality and handmade jewelry housings and packaging materials proof impressively how much Michaela really cares for the environment when she sends her jewelry securely on a journey.

Photographer Nicole Pausin-Menius met Michaela Römer at her enchanting workshop and provides us an insight into the fascinating work of a wonderfully talented goldsmith master.



michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0001 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0002 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0003 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0004 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0005 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0005a michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0006 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0007 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0008 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0008a michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0009 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0010 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0011 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0012 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0013 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0014 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0015 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0015a michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0016 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0017 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0023 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0023a michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0024 michaela-roemer-goldschmiedin-werkstatt_0025


GOLDSMITH:  Michaela Römer
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicole Pausin-Menius