Marriage proposal in the mountains


This romantic proposal had the magical backdrop of the heights of Montreux in Switzerland. In Rochers de Naye, you can see Lake Geneva surrounded by mountains. To get there, the team led by photographer Julien Bonjour and wedding designer Diana from Imagine Events took an old and charming train that is still in operation. The ascent already offers the opportunity to discover breathtaking and impressive landscapes.

Red, the color of love and passion, should play the central role in the marriage proposal. Florist Vanessa from Bomdia Design chose roses and carnations as the dominant flowers. The rose was intended to symbolize romance and love. The color peach was added to soften the overall look. The individual flowers were romantically placed in the white snow and showed the way to the proposal.

The “soon to be fiancée” was dressed all in red with an enchanting long off-the-shoulder dress with a long voluminous train from Flying Dress France. This view with the lake and mountains in the background was breathtaking. The scene with the roses in the snow and the red dress just wonderful.

The team also staged an open-air dinner in the snow with subtle and elegant furniture to emphasize the beauty of the location. Soft colors such as pastel pink and white were added to the table decorations.

What an idea, love could make a path of flowers bloom in the snow, forming a magical trail. A marriage proposal in the mountains, surrounded by a magical landscape in which the snow becomes the glittering carpet of an eternal romance.

Photographer: Julien Bonjour
Wedding Design: Imagine Events
Floristry: Bomdia Design
Videographer: Superwild Film
Hair & Make Up: Maylybe Beauty
Wedding dress: Russell’s Elegance
Red dress: Flying Dress France
Suit: Belluci Domenico
Rentals: Options
Rings: Bijouterie Balance
Stationery: Je crée mon faire-part
Champagne: La comtesse A.
Wedding cake: Julieta cake

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