You would like to have your work, styled shoots, couple-shootings or beautiful weddings featured on either the Amber & Muse blog or our VOW Print Magazine?

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We set a high value on quality and style concerning our publications, consider all submissions very carefully and remain very discerning with what we choose to feature in the magazine or on the blog.

Please also keep in mind that a blog post is a huge workload for us. Usually blog posts are also posted on our social media accounts and mean a great advertising impact for you. Therefore, we would be pleased if you use one of our various advertising options (please ask for our Media Kit). Because our customers are always preferred when submitting their submissions.


Uniqueness, style, beauty, quality, inspiration, fine art, professionalism, tenderness, nativeness, authenticity, innovation – weddings and inspirations aside from mainstream.



Of course we´d love to show weddings and shootings exclusively on our Amber & Muse Blog. In case you already passed your pictures to another international blog please let us know which one it was.

Exclusiveness within German speaking countries is especially important to us!

Please note that prior postings on social media networks done by you or your involved vendors might stand in the way of exclusiveness. That´s why we kindly ask you to wait until your article is published on our blog or to show only one picture tops in advance.



Please attach importance to detail pictures of decorations, cakes, stationery, flowers, etc. It takes us a lot of time to arrange your work perfectly and having atmospherical pictures like some landscape pictures or photos of flowers, leaves, walls, rocks, etc. helps a lot to present your work especially beautiful.



If you’re interested in submitting your work, please send between 50-150 low-resolution images (72 dpi) not smaller than 1.200 pixels wide, either as attachments or as a zipped file. You can also send them via Dropbox, Wetransfer, pixieset or your preferred method of file sharing system.

Important: Please label your pictures like this:



Please give us some informations concerning the story of your shooting, the idea, your impressions respectively some details of the wedding and the bridal couple (please use word-documents no .pdf).

You are more than welcome to use our questionnaire for bridal couples.

And please don´t forget to name the credits of the involved vendors. We need the name, the website and the Instagram account.



We aim to inform you within 14 days if we publish your report or not. Due to numerous submissions we have a preliminary lead time of 10-12 weeks.
Please don´t be disappointed if we are unable to post the content you submitted. It may just mean we are not the best fit for your work this time round.
However we hope you will still consider us for future submissions to share with our readers.


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