A Ballerina’s Floral Wedding Dream


All in white and only with a bridal bouquet in her arms that´s allowed a few color accents – that´s probably a ballerina´s floral wedding dream, if we ask the event stylists from Locust Collection.

She wears her hair open, her black curls frame her pretty face. They seem to be mirrored in the dark roses, which curiously stick their heads out of the bouquet of white flowers and green foliage. In addition, there are flowers in graceful dusty pink, which together with the shiny ribbon referring to her delicate dance shoes. With this bouquet, floral designer Fleur Gabrielle managed to make the love and passion that this bride carries deep in her heart become visible.

Her sheer wedding dress by Leanne Marshall not only plays with seductive transparency, but also reminds of the lightness and fragility that a ballet dancer exudes. The long sleeves and flowing panels of fabric slide gently down on her and give the impression that she is floating…

Isn’t it remarkable how much body control, discipline and talent there is in this young woman? How she´s gracefully tiptoeing through the emptiness of the light-flooded Natural Light Studio and holds every pose perfectly?

Talent is also demonstrated by photographer Chelsea Ariane, who captured this dream of a beautiful bride on incredibly emotional pictures, giving us a unique daydream.



Floral Design: Fleur Gabrielle  
Styling Board: Locust Collection 

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