A Grecian diamond


Gentle shadows play on her face. At her feet, wilted leaves lie strewn on the warm earth. A tree trunk leans towards the sun, the bride leans with it. Amidst bushes and shrubs in the middle of a park stands a mottled grey, multi-tiered fountain. It seems old and its crown takes the shape of a water lily. It may be that it will never see another drop of water flow.

At first, the bride is reserved. But then she dances along a wall in a dress of seemingly endless tulle by Saint Isabel. She throws it across her shoulders, places it around her neck, laughs loudly before becoming rapt and serious once more. She hides her face beneath a veil, mournful as in a Greek tragedy. Time and again, the highlight of this elegant, precise arrangement flares up: a fine diamond gleams from her engagement ring of Susie Saltzman.

In a reserved, almost philosophical font, the documents of a great love story are presented to us: the drawing of a bouquet of flowers, a hummingbird, a poem about life as a couple. Gently curved, with grand ends and finishes, the calligraphy of The Little North Sea Studio never loses itself as an important narrative element.

In between, we find an imaginative, small painting in the same dark green as the trees and the warm brown of the earth. Here, too, we discover the diamond again; it hides within and decorates almost every image. Boldly, it will remain on her finger forever.

With her minimalist and expressive pictures the unique fine art photographer Kelle Sauer let floating in a wonderful world of aesthetics.




STYLING: KS Limited Co.
GOWN: Saint Isabel Bridal
DIAMONDS: Susie Saltzman
SHOES: Adrianna Appell
PAPERIE: The Little North Sea Studio
SILK RIBBONS: Silk & Willow
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Forever Adored
MODEL Olivia Loren, McIntyre Model Management


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