A Greek Bohemian Cliffside Elopement


The ocean lies quiet to the bridal couple´s feet, barely a wave interrupts the turquoise water. Up here, on the top of the rocks they said yes. Yes, to love and yes, to each other.

Exotic as it is right and proper for paradise they drink a toast to their future. Taking their seats around the exceptional bamboo table for two and nibbling from tempting fruits.

The bride´s dress is also tempting showing lots of skin with a deep back neckline to wrap her groom around her finger. Only here and there a wildly appearing bridal bouquet hides what is meant for the groom´s eyes exclusively…

What a great shooting at the beautiful Kape Beach in Greece! This is where event designer Bobbie Karagianni of Sand+Lace Events from the Netherlands realized her visions and got them captured on amazing pictures by Paulina Weddings Crete.

Bobbie told us: „My heart starts to beat a bit faster when I am able to mix different styles at unusual locations like at this hidden beach, where I choose to create a bohemian cliffside elopement with a tropical touch.“

The right color palette complemented everything harmonically like Bobbie Karagianni of Sand+Lace Events explained: „The tone was definitely set with the cliffside picnic, looking out over the blue Aegean. The colors of the surroundings and the colors of the table set up really complimented each other.“

We immediately fell in love with the ideas of the event designer and don´t want to leave Paulina Weddings Crete`s picture gallery any more… Come join us!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Paulina Weddings Crete 
CAKE + DESSERTS: Pavlov’s Lab 
FLORAL DECOR: Studio7 Florescense 
WEDDING DRESS: Vasia Tzotzopoulou 
HAIRSTYLIST: Vassilis Diamantopoulos 
MAKE-UP: Irene Chaleli 
STATIONERY: The Sparkle Company
FURNITURE RENTALS:  Zazoo Event Rentals
SUIT: Tailor Italian Wear
LOCATION: Kape Beach, Griechenland
MODELS: Yiannis from Crete and Zoe from Hamburg



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