A Modern Wedding Day


In love like on day one they wake up next to each other like always. But soon they realize this day´s different.

Their looks seem deeper than usual and it sparks more than ever. Butterflies clap their wings harder than before and touches feel more meaningful today.

Today they will become husband and wife and they celebrate every moment until then. Skin on skin feeling closeness, hearing the other one breathing and the other´s heart beating. Feeling certain to do the right thing…

„The main idea behind this shooting was to simulate a modern wedding day.“ photographer Ana Fernweh told us.

“This is why we started with a little couple´s boudoir including beautiful lingerie and jewelry. Followed by some portraits at a wonderful greenhouse that got destroyed by a hailstorm earlier. Just imperfectly perfect addressed to couples who don´t feel very traditional and just want to do their own thing. Simply young, wild and modern.” the experienced wedding photographer explains.

Now come with us and see for yourselves how romantic, intimate and special a “modern wedding day” can be and marvel with us at the fascinating pictures shot by Ana Fernweh.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


moderner-hochzeitstag_0001 moderner-hochzeitstag_0002 moderner-hochzeitstag_0003 moderner-hochzeitstag_0004 moderner-hochzeitstag_0005 moderner-hochzeitstag_0006 moderner-hochzeitstag_0007 moderner-hochzeitstag_0009 moderner-hochzeitstag_0010a moderner-hochzeitstag_0011 moderner-hochzeitstag_0012 moderner-hochzeitstag_0012a moderner-hochzeitstag_0013 moderner-hochzeitstag_0014 moderner-hochzeitstag_0016 moderner-hochzeitstag_0017 moderner-hochzeitstag_0018 moderner-hochzeitstag_0020 moderner-hochzeitstag_0020a moderner-hochzeitstag_0021 moderner-hochzeitstag_0022moderner-hochzeitstag_0032
moderner-hochzeitstag_0026 moderner-hochzeitstag_0028


FLORISTIK: Strauchdiebin
KLEID: Fräulein Liebe
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Theodora Skalkou
ANZUG: Mr Ash Tailor Store
MAKRAMEE: Hej Margit
OHRRINGE: Skusa Schmuckgeschichten
RINGE + ARMREIF: Night Delight
DESSOUS: Night Delight
MODELS: Johanna Kathleen + Patrik Kunst



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