Adrienne and Ryan – Beach Engagement


Tenderly he holds her hand, pulling her towards him. With her head on his shoulder she feels secure, knowing he´ll catch her when she falls. A brief kiss, a deep look – this is how love fills the air.

The day is drawing to an end, one last time the sun warms the abandoned beach. From the distance of the sea comes a soft breeze to the coast, finding rest in her hair.

Her eyes reveal a lot, his gestures even more. His smile speaks volumes, these pictures more than a thousand words…

It´s been intimate, romantic and loving moments that Nicole Lapierre Photography spent with the newly engaged couple Adrienne and Ryan.

This place beams with magic, is blessed with dreamlike light and deserted as far as the eye can see. That´s what makes it the perfect location for an engagement shoot like the one with this adorable couple and their little dog.

The following pictures shot by Nicole Lapierre Photography show impressively how easy couple-shootings can be arranged and how wonderfully expressive your pictures can get even without any lavish decoration.

Text: Marina Jenewein


adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0001 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0002 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0003 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0003a adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0004 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0005 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0006 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0007 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0007a adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0007b adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0007c adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0008 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0010 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0010a adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0011 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0012 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0013 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0014 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0015 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0016 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0017 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0018 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0019 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0020 adrienne-ryan-strand-verlobung-engagement_0021


PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicole Lapierre Photography
LOCATION: Fisherman’s Cove, Nova Scotia
MAKE-UP: Ashley Bell, owner of Hawthorn Hallow Spa
HAIR: Cara MacInnis


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