After Wedding Shoot aT THE CLIFFS OF Roses



The wind plays softly with her dress of tulle unfolding its lilac beauty, while its top of lace melts harmonically with the rocks.

Roaring the ocean dashes against the cliffs of Spain, it is unable to harm the smitten couple on top.

In intimate togetherness the two explore the coast, feeling secure, undisturbed and free.

For this after wedding shoot of a very special kind photographer Nicole Schiessl met her bridal couple at the impressive coast of Spain’s city Roses.

Chiara from La Chia created this enchanted dress in dreamy pastel shades and the glamorous headpiece.

With wildly picked grasses in her hand and the smitten glow in her eyes the bride did not leave her sweetheart´s side.

Dive with us into the beguiling world of pictures shot by Nicole Schiessl.

Tranlsation: Marina Jenewein

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FOTOGRAFIE: Nicole Schiessl Fotografie
LOCATION: Klippen von Roses Spanien
HAARSCHMUCK: Chiara Niggeloh – La Chia
MAKE-UP + HAARE: Chiara Niggeloh – La-Chia Hair- & Make-Up
KLEID: Eigenkreation von Chiara Niggeloh, selbstgeschneidert
WEDDING PLANNER (Blumen & Brautstrauß): Maite Mach Weddings & Events
MODELS: Cristian Figueras und Pau Figueras




    La Chia


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