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AIMÉ is not just a jewelry label – AIMÉ creates love pieces.

AIMÉ is a tribute to your personal love story: each piece of AIMÉ jewelry is lovingly handcrafted by our goldsmiths in Berlin. As we are aware of the great emotional significance of our customer creations, we attach great importance to excellent quality and conflict-free diamonds. The AIMÉ collection is as individual as you are: We design every AIMÉ engagement or wedding ring for you personally and can therefore take all your ideas and wishes into account to create your unique AIMÉ gold and diamond jewelry.

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us for your personal and individual AIMÉ design service.

was founded in 2019 by Mounia Kramcha and stands for unique gold and diamond jewelry from Berlin. Influencers such as Jessica Haller, Liz Kaeber and Farina Yari now wear the individual AIMÉ creations.


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