An ode to romance at the Château de Tourreau

In the picturesque hills of Provence, not far from Aix-en-Provence, lies the impressive Château de Tourreau. Here, amidst the historic arches and green gardens of this majestic castle, this wedding photo shoot took place, which made hearts beat faster.

The team behind this magical shoot by Jérémy HKB and the planners from 2Oui1Nom had prepared with the utmost care. The wedding dress, a masterpiece by Marion Fera, was a tribute to femininity and elegance. Flowing yet simple, it emphasized the bride’s natural beauty in an enchanting way.

But it wasn’t just the wedding dress that shone on this day. The whole atmosphere of the wedding was emphasized by the natural beauty of the region. The floral arrangements and bouquets by La Blonde et le Barbu filled the setting with vibrant colors and scents, artfully using a variety of seasonal and local flowers. The bridal bouquet stood out in particular, a romantic mix of the most beautiful floral elements from Provence.

Not only the flowers played a role in the decorations for this special day. Local products, especially colorful, seasonal fruits, were cleverly integrated into the arrangements to give the wedding a unique touch while paying homage to the region’s abundant resources. The white wedding cake from Les Délices de Gladys also shone brightly as it was decorated with colorful fruits and flowers.

The Château de Tourreau provided the perfect scenery for this photo shoot, where romance and elegance came together in every picture. The historic arches of the castle and the green gardens served as the backdrop for the couple’s love, whose grace blended seamlessly into the majestic surroundings.

The special thing about this shoot was the decision to use mainly analog film technology. Thomas Raboteur photographed with a Contax 645, which gave each one a timeless quality. Each photo was not only a celebration of love, but also a tribute to the timeless beauty of Provence.

The images from this wedding shoot captured moments where love and elegance came together in an exquisite setting. It was a reminder of the romance in the air and the timeless beauty of this enchanting region.

Photography: Thomas Raboteur // WS Host: Jérémy HKB // Venue: Château de Tourreau // Planner: 2Oui1Nom // Floristry: La Blonde et le Barbu // Stationery: Promesse Graphique // Cake: Les Délices de Gladys // Wedding dress: Marion Fera // Car: Provence Classics // Rentals: Joli Bazaar

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