Angle of reflection


When we turn the world upside down for a moment, seeing everything mirror-inverted, we get very close to our true selves. For a moment, we are able to live not trapped behind glass, but looking directly into the light of our souls.

A wisp of love is projected here by the bride onto the glass – all that remains of it in the end is a shadow passing by her. She now becomes an angel of her own reflection: unpredictable and surrounded by boundless inner passion.

The bride sits in the dark shadows. She is caressed by a softly shimmering light of the kind we know from old Rembrandt paintings. She sits on a stairway that leads from nature upwards and upwards. At first she seems turned inward, thoughtful, reflecting. Soon after, she awakens to become a proud angel of pure white. Her shoulders back, her gaze directed straight ahead. She smiles and sends her good wishes to the skies. What if a ray of light were to hit her inner mirror right now? A fountain of sheer force of will would spring forth.

Her hands, entwined by black thread. As in a children’s game, it is twisted around her fingers. She wants to dance – at first – then she waits for silence. She wants to surrender to her destiny, allow it to caress her. She wants to lose herself in the tangle of threads stretching across her hands. A mix of black and white, of green hope in shallow twigs: we witness a timeless staffage. And should we blink into the mirror at the back, we just might catch a glimpse of ourselves.

This wonderful work of art was created by Sofia Ferreira of Brancoprata and captured on poetic pictures by André Teixeira of Brancoprata.




CREATIVE DIRECTION + STYLING: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata
PHOTOGRAPHY: André Teixeira, Brancoprata
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
MAKE-UP: Marlene Vinha, Pretty Exquisite
HAIR DESIGNER: Alexandre Ribeiro, Diff Hair Designers
DRESS: Coração Alecrim
CAKE: Tânia Sérgio, T Bakes
VIDEOGRAPHY: Fábio Coelho, The Amazing Rabbit



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