Anne and Tobi – heartwarming lovestory


This sweet lovestory of Anne and Tobi warms our hearts on cold winter days and puts a merrily smile on our faces.

As a creative and talented illustrator Anne shortly released a book for children that’s called “Tobi and the elderly”.
One day during a trip to Paris they enjoyed a glass of wine and the wonderful view onto the Eiffel Tower. It was Annes birthday and Tobi prepared a wonderful present for her: a modified version of her book designed as a card with the title “Tobi wants to grow old with you”. Wow, isn’t that the cutest proposal?!

Together with the photographers Julia and Gil they experienced a happy couple-shooting.
The card, their passion for music and self-made flowers were perfectly placed into the scenery of the shooting and gave the beautiful pictures a very personal touch.

We’re totally in love with these impressive pictures shot by Julia and Gil Photography who reflect the easiness of the gorgeous couple.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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