A mysterious veil blurs the moment only slowly revealing wealth and beauty. The wealth of bygone eras and the beauty of today.

Ancient wood – lathed and adorned with stucco – shines with new splendor among the beautiful light while stone stairs and marble floors bathe in the glance of colorful blossoms.

Florist  Kiana Underwood von Tulipina and photographer  Corbin Gurkin created this exceptional shoot at a former train station in Oakland.

Extravagant robes by fantastic designer, futuristic hair styles and noticeable bridal styles merged beautifully with this abandoned place into a symbiosis of old and new.

Loud colors and opulent flower arrangements rounded out the scenery and showcased every detail perfectly.

Maybe it´s just some of the details that inspire future brides for their weddings. Nevertheless, it´s the complete artwork and the fascinating pictures shot by the wonderful artist  Corbin Gurkin we just can´t let go…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0001 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0002 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0003 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0005 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0006 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0006a Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0007 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0008 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0009 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0011 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0011a Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0012 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0013 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0014 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0015 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0016 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0017 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0018 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0018a Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0019 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0021 Georgia-Young-Couture-Shoot_0022


PHOTOGRAPHY: Corbin Gurkin
FLORAL DESIGN: Kiana Underwood – Tulpinia
GOWNS: Georgia Young Couture, Samuelle Couture, J Mendel, Katherine Mcdonald Bridal, Gossamer Vintage
HAIR + MAKEUP: Rebecca Taff
VEILS: Posh Veils
MODELS: Jemma Morris, Lana Nyman
VENUE: 16th Street Train Station (Oakland, CA)



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