Audrey and Jeremy – dreamlike Anniversary Shoot


Lovingly the warm autumn sun bathes the farm in golden light, lets trees and meadows seem like painted. Melodiously the gorgeous chapel rings the bell, invites us to see what happens next.

Invites us to see how photographer Cassie Rosch joins the newly-wed couple Audrey and Jeremy on their first anniversary of their marriage to capture near and dearly moments of togetherness on her camera.

One year ago they got married here on this very farm, now they came back for this unforgettable shooting and to celebrate their love.

Wearing a floating gown by Leanne Marshall Audrey slipped into the role of beautiful bride again who Jeremy would marry over and over again.

Selva Floral  designed a stunning bridal bouquet in the most amazing shades of fall to create a harmonic connection between nature and couple.

Mother Nature did her bit and sent dreamy light and a soft breeze out for the perfect atmosphere.

In the end it was obviously easy for the great Cassie Rosch to eternalize wonderful memories on exceptional pictures….

Text: Marina Jenewein


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audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0037 audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0023 audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0024audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0036 audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0025 audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0026 audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0032 audrey-jeremy-anniversary-jahrestagshoot_0033


FLORALS: Selva Floral
DRESS: Leanne Marshall
RING: Trumpet + Horn
RING BOX: The Mrs. Box
MAKE-UP: : Powder, Inc
NECKLACE: The HeyDay Store
CALLIGRAPHY: Rebecca Caridad
RIBBON: : Silk + Willow
CUSTOM WEDDING BANNERS: : Kept [ Custom Wedding Banners ]



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