Autumn tones in Italy

This fall wedding inspiration takes us to Villa Revel Parravicni in the heart of Como, Italy. The neoclassical architecture is a breathtaking example of timeless beauty and cultural charm.

The wedding dress, a true work of art by designer Lana Marinenko, embodied sensuality and beauty in their purest form. The “SWAN” dress enveloped the bride with grace and emphasized her femininity in a way that was simply enchanting. For the cocktail, the team chose a Mila Polka dress that was short yet elegant, perfect for the festive mood of the cocktail party and the boat ride afterwards.

The autumnal atmosphere of the day was permeated by a gentle mist over Lake Como, which bathed the landscape in a magical light. Photographer Irina Eller used the wonderful atmosphere for couple photos in the villa, in the park and on Lake Como. The decorations, carefully selected by Edelweiss Weddings, reflected the colors and moods of the season. The leaves of the forest and the flowers in the warm tones of autumn merged into a picturesque backdrop that beguiled the senses.

The overall concept of the wedding was a tribute to autumn and its beauty. Despite the coolness of this time of year, the wedding exuded an atmosphere of warmth. Golden details and accessories sparkled in the light, while the sensual dresses and vibrant fall colors of Erica Flower Studio ‘s floral arrangements created an aura of sensuality and joy.

Autumn is a time of creativity and happiness. This shoot encourages you to choose autumn as your wedding date and to consciously integrate its bright colors into your wedding design.

Photography: Irina Eller / Venue: Villa Revel Parravicni / Wedding Planner & Stationery: Edelweiss Weddings / Florist: Erica Flower Studio / Videography: Ilia Oshepkov / Hair & Make Up: Svetlana Kvasnevskaya / Wedding dresses: Lana Marinenko & Mila Polka / Suit: Barleone / Stylist: Natasha Efii / Ringbox: Filles Box / Jewelry: Chachajewelry / Wedding cake: Lalla by Cakes

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