Autumnal Boho-Elysium For Two


When the balmy melancholy of fall cover meadows in secret and autumnal colors like lush green, luminous red and tender yellow shine bright for the last time this year it´s probably time to tie the knot outdoor among this moving rush of colors.

Close with nature, romantic and only the two of them. A Bohemian wedding inspiration that combines rustic romance with grand elegance and pure love in the middle.

A tribute to the abundance of fall, wonderfully showcased by wedding planner Claudia Geiger of factsandfeelings  and eternalized on beautiful pictures by the photographers OctaviaplusKlaus . And all that at the gorgeous castle Schloss Diersfordt.

So we join the bridal couple strolling through the quiet green of the park and stop at an intimate place with an altar of birch trunks decorated with delicate panels of fabric which dance nervously in the cool wind. Full of anticipation for what lies ahead.

That´s where the smitten couple takes a seat: SHE´s wearing a breathtaking lace gown by Victoria Rüsche with short lace sleeves. A glamorous BoHo-bridal look with pure romance as its most important accessory. HE´s wearing a trendy woolen suit with a red bow tie as highlight. Adorable!

This dear moment of togetherness without a huge wedding banquet got reduced to the bare essentials. Yet not less opulent or impressive: red, gold and copper join lush green and bright white, adorning the rustic wooden table and develop into this prestigious wedding ensemble for dinner.

Colorful fruit bowls, branches hanging over the tree and elegant stationery with golden and hand written calligraphy in the middle. What a rush of colors and ideas for bridal couples seeking for an elegant BoHo inspiration with natural charm. Enjoyment always comes first.

Let´s get carried away into a fascinating world of inspirations by the breathtaking pictures shot by OctaviaplusKlaus .

Text: Yvonne Bosch, Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: OctaviaplusKlaus
WEDDINGPLANER: Claudia Geiger – factsandfeelings
FLORISTIN + DEKORATION: Nina Kleinz von Goldregen florales Design
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Dominika Bronner
BRAUTKLEID: Victoria Rüsche
HAARSCHMUCK: Jannie Baltzer
ANZUG: Monsieur Agnes
PAPETERIE: Andrea Wolf Designs + Butz & Bürker
KÄSETORTE: Bensberger Weinlaedchen
BACKWERK:  factsandfeelings 
LOCATION: Schlosshotel Diersfordt
MUSIK: Neomarks
MODELS: Linda und David











OctaviaplusKlaus                       Victoria Rüsche

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