Balinese Bridal Beach Picnic


Like a beauty from the unknown depth of the ocean a bride explores her new empire. Stranded in paradise, having arrived in her life on the water surface. A life full of true love and elegant splendor.

Soft waves play carefully around her legs, trying to take their former queen back into the endless width of the sea. But she stays here, turning her tempting back to the past, opening heart and soul to the future.

Magnificent flowers and local fruits welcome her on the island, decorating a table for two. The moment she takes a seat the warm sun joins her, letting her velvety skin and vivid colors shine even brighter.

„Our aim was to show the beauty of the beaches and the creativity of local wedding vendors, and to give inspirations to all people who would like to get married at this beautiful island.“ the photographers Teodora, Roky und Peter of Wed Over Hills proudly told us.

Less became a lot in the hands of the three artists as they turned a paradisiac piece of beach into great wedding inspirations every bride dreams of. All they needed was a naked cake to die for, exceptional flower arrangements by Bali Flower Corner, a gorgeous table setting and a stunning lace gown with long sleeves and a beguiling back line.

With their fantastic pictures Wed Over Hills invite us now to dream away the day thinking about this adorable picnic at the beach of Bali…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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STYLING + FLORALS: Bali Flower Corner
DRESS: Dinda Rella
ACCESSOIRES: Bungalow Living Bali
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Tom Bryan Tanaka
CAKE: Butter Bali
MODEL: Agency Balistarz
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab


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