Serendipity – DREAMLIKE Elopement aT THE BEACH OF Zanzibar


Gentle waves run along the beach, hypnotizing and relaxing life with silent rushing. Bringing valuables from the ocean to the land as magical liaison of two worlds.

Polished by salt and bleached by sun flawlessly white details distinguish from the soft sand. Artfully and unique, like they were handmade by mother earth, shells, corals and sandstones adorn this scenery at the beach.

Delicate lanterns hugged by a breeze, driftwood covered with airy fabrics, a bride embedded in the strong arms of her groom – this abandoned place between rocks and cliffs becomes the venue of loving endearments.

A romantic bottle post and a sea of candles, sparkling jewelry next to gorgeous flowers, classy stationery combined with a plain table setting – this is another masterpiece of wedding inspiration by the event stylists Lena and Kristina of Blue & Ivory.

Lena and Kristina told: “Serendipity is a heart project. It is the way of saying ‘I do’ just the way we could see our- selves celebrate it. It is a project for those who are seeking adventure and beauty.

Serendipity is an inspiration for couples that have travelled the world, swam the rough seas and breathed the wild air. It is meant for those who never get tired to watch the stars and for those who have felt freedom.”

Clean yet cheerful, classy yet modern, renowned yet totally new. It´s admirable how easy it obviously was for the photographers Melli & Shayne to capture these captivating contrasts on their cameras.

Take your time for their amazing pictures because there are countless little details for you to discover…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0001 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0006 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0007 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0007a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0009a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0009b serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0009c serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0011 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0011a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0011b serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0013 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0015 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0015a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0017 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0018 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0019 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0019a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0020 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0020a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0021 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0022 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0022a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0022b serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0022c serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0026 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0028 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0028a serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0028b serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0029 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0031 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0031b serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0031c serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0032 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0033 serendipity-beach-elopement-zanzibar_0034


PHOTOGRAPHY: Melli & Shayne Photography
BRIDAL DRESS: White Sand – Fiji Lace Maxi Dress via asos
HEADPIECES: Kopflegenden
HAIR + MAKE-UP: DAJA Salon & Spa
WEDDING BANDS: Nathalie Bleyer Goldschmiedin
LOCATION: Beach of Zanzibar and Coral Rock Zanzibar



mellishayne-klein blueandivory-kleinneu







    Melli & Shayne                          Blue & Ivory



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