Listening to the steady melody of the waves, letting the wind carry off her thoughts and leaving traces in the wet sand – this is how a relaxed girl enjoys her time out before the wedding.

Slowly the sun loses strength but not her golden shine. Her warm light bathes the beach in dreamy light, making it a paradise of lightness.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the day for a moment, let the world stand still for a second. Focus on the essentials and don´t lose yourself. That’s what Brancoprata’s team aimed for when these wonderful pictures were taken.

„We did a photo essay to illustrate an unwritten story, about a women and her need to take a few moments for herself, enjoying the Summer afternoons by the beach, listening to the sound of waves, feeling the breeze on her hair, and the movement of the sand between her fingers.“ the artists André and Sofia of Brancoprata  told us.

Carefree and happy the bride wanders along the coast, lingering where she pleases, moving on when her heart tells her so. Trustfully she drifts away, by the wind, her heart, the call of nature.

„Usually we are so caught up in our daily lives that we completely forget to slow down for a moment and just take a deep breath. This is a pause, a moment in time where there is an intimate, intricate liaison between the woman and the environment.“ these two artists boil the problem of our society down to an essence.

We take the meaningful words of photographer André Teixeira  and his creative partner Stylist Sofia Ferreira to heart and kidnap you now from your everyday life to sink into the great world of pictures shot by Brancoprata

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRPAHY: André Teixeira, Brancoprata  
CREATVIE DIRECTION / STYLING: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata 
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Lucília Lara 












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