Beachside Elopement


Red like love fruits and berries shine waiting for the newly wed couple.

Green like hope ferns and leaves play with contrasts until everything conflates into a total artwork.

White like innocence highlights flash every now and then to unite colors and shapes under a veil of harmony.

Loneliness is their most precious possession, the moments of her wedding their biggest secret…

Tempting inspirations for an intimate elopement at the beach come form event stylist Jenny Bartkus of JPB Designs . Inspired by the colors of the ocean and the cliffs the bride wears a grey-blue dream designed by Alyssa Kristin and a wildly seeming bridal bouquet by  Alice Hanson Floral Design.

Dark black finds itself within the groom´s suit as well as the graceful calligraphy by Emily Rose Ink what accentuates the fruit´s various shades of red even more.

Photographer Tamara Gruner captured every nuance, every detail and every movement in her unmistakable way and invites us now to take a look at her wonderful picture gallery…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0001 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0002 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0002a Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0004 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0005 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0006 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0007 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0008 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0010 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0011 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0012 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0013 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0014 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0015 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0016 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0016a Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0017 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0018 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0019 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0020 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0020a Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0020b Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0021 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0023 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0024 Strand-Elopement-Inspirationen_0026


PHOTOGRAPHY: Tamara Gruner Photography  
BRIDAL GOWN: Alyssa Kristin 
CALLIGRAPHY: Emily Rose Ink 
FLOWERS: Alice Hanson Floral Design 
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Sonia Roselli 
VINTAGE CHINA RENTAL: Vintage Plate Rental 
FEMALE MODEL: Evelyn Smesh
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab



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