Before the cliffs of San Francisco



It is a stormy day at the cliffs of San Francisco. The colors of the wildly foaming waves, the dark rocks and the overcast sky are found again in almost all the little details of this photo shoot of photographer Jeremy Chou and stylist Natalie Papova.

The bridal dress is kept in a cool blue. Embroidered with individual sequins it sparkles like the dress of a mermaid. She wears her brown long hair down, ruffled by the wind. Her make-up is hardly noticeable – her shine is all her own. All of this is intentional.

Just like nature, ever-changing, on any given day, the design of this shoot is also changeable. Deep-red, long bushes are interspersed with the bright flowers of the bouquet; small splashes of these intensive colours are also found on the invitations and the wedding vows.

Soft, gentle lettering drops down like a seagull towards the cliffs. Of course, sea shells are a must here, too. They award a warm, cosy touch to the cool shades of blue. And there, on an envelope – we almost overlooked it – lies the silver wedding ring.

Now the couple stands upon one of the massive cliffs. He holds her tight, she embraces him deeply. She is ready to jump at any moment. Into another world not entirely unknown to her, but which will always hold new surprises in store for her.

This may not quite be the “summer of love” we know from stories and songs about San Francisco. Rather, it is a stormy, entrancing, indeed a tempestuous beginning of their life together.



PHOTOGRAPHY Jeremy Chou Photography
IVORY GOWN Weddington Way
MAKE-UP & HAIR Angela Nunnik
INVITATION SUITE Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
FLORIST The Little Petunia
MODELS Diana & Aleks



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