Black & White Bridal Editorial


The bridal editorial by Marleen Schröder, Marleenvelous plays with the colors black and white. The Alsen Atelier in Wuppertal, a daylight studio, was chosen for its minimalist and clean aesthetic. The team decided to work exclusively with natural light to show off the beauty of Kisui ‘s wedding dresses to their best advantage.

The bridal outfits were the absolute eye-catcher of the shoot and came from Kisui’s latest collection. For Look 1, the team combined the Cosmic Flower Top with the Iconicbell Trousers and the Ama Flowers Sleeves Big. Look 2 showcased the stunning Harley Piquée Dress, while Look 3 focused on the elegant Ama Dress.

The idea for this shoot arose from the desire to redefine the concept of the modern bride. Gone are the days when the traditional white dress is the only option for the momentous occasion of the wedding. The vision of the editorial was to portray the modern bride as self-confident, independent, stylish and fashion-conscious.

A key element of the concept was the use of the color black. This choice symbolizes not only strength, but also female empowerment. It breaks with tradition, challenges conventional notions of wedding dresses and pushes the boundaries of what a modern bride can be. The Black & White Bridal Editorial Shoot is designed to inspire modern brides to think outside the box and make choices that reflect their own preferences and values.

The editorial is not only a visual feast, but also a tribute to the strength and independence of today’s women. It should help future brides to choose bold and unconventional fashions that reflect their personality. The Black & White Bridal Editorial Shoot is inspiring, celebrating the diversity and individuality of modern weddings.

Photography & concept: Marleen Schröder, Marleenvelous
Location: Alsen Atelier
Bridal fashion: Kisui Berlin AMBER & MUSE VENDOR
Hair & Make Up: Helene Funke
Jewelry: Zara
Shoes: Manfield Shoes

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