Blossoming love in Kazbegi


Warm and bright the sun shines onto the adorable bridal couple edging the clouds off to the mountain tops. As meaningful symbol for a happy future, carefree and unclouded.

As lush as nature among this barren landscape their young love blooms, maturing from delicate butterflies to deep feelings. Hand in hand, arm in arm, ready to take the next step.

Original, pristine and free just like those fresh mountain meadows their hearts may beat. Steady, strong and invulnerable like these craggy cliffs their love may last forever.

Light, languorous and blithe like on their wedding day their souls may be eternally united.

The successful photographer Elena Widmer from Switzerland captured this intimate togetherness in Gerogia, where she participated in one of the much sought-after workshops hosted by picture artist  Tamara Gigola and stylist Kate Holland of  Magnolia Rouge.

The idyllic mountain Kazbek served as spectacular scenery complemented with subtle stationery, a breathtaking cake, a stunning robe and a gorgeous bridal couple by the event stylists of Peony Studio.

Elena Widmer’s pictures take us to a foreign country which we now become acquainted with…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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WORKSHOP: Tamara Gigola and Kate Holland
FLORAL: Katerina Kazakova
CAKE: Nabirka
VIDEO: Studio Moments
DRESS: Cathy Telle Costume
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Yana Bendeliani
STYLE: Valerisa
MODEL AGENCY: Look Models Management
DETAILS: The Mrs Box
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab


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