Bluish Green Beach Inspirations


The sky is full of clouds yet their eyes sparkle. The wind is blowing hard yet her dress knows how to dance with it. The ocean rushes powerfully towards the beach yet the couple knows how to tame it.

In his arms she´s safe, with his bride on his side he can do everything. Hand in hand they take every obstacle, smiling the clouds goodbye. It´s their hearts that let the sun shine for them.

Photographer Bianca Rijkenbarg brought us some maritime inspirations with a difference. Inspired by the wedding venue Aan Zee and its unique surroundings she focused together with the stylists of Het Stylinghuys on soft shades of green and blue that blended into nature harmonically.

Using beautiful elements of the nature surrounding it like oyster shells, grasses and driftwood the tablescape united what belonged together. Delicious macaroons, an elaborately marbled cake as well as the light dress by Asos and filigree hair jewelry by Sibo Designs rounded out the overall picture perfectly.

„The wedding venue Aan zee located on the Dutch coast on the border of a nature reserve offers all the ingredients to make your wedding in one style with the nature around you in a basic, natural and sophisticated way.” photographer Bianca Rijkenbarg told us about her insider´s tip at the beach.

Here she shares her unbelievably expressive pictures with us and takes us to this magical unknown place…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0001 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0002 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0004 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0005 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0006 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0007 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0009 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0010 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0011 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0012maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0015
maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0015a maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0016 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0017 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0018 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0019 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0020 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0021 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0021a maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0022 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0024 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0024ajpg maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0026 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0027 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0028 maritime-hochzeitsinspirationen-strandhochzeit_0029


PHOTOGRAPHY: Bianca Rijkenbarg
VENUE: Aan zee  
STYLING: Het Stylinghuys  
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Nancy de Rijke, My Rouge  
STATIONERY: Annemoon van Steen
SWEETS: Annica’s Cakes  
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab  

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