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Another 5cl of the Waldwiesen aperitif and the drink is ready. I glance up and see two new guests taking a seat at the bar. They look familiar to me – memories immediately come to mind of her in the breathtaking
Wedding dress and him dancing through our restaurant with a permanent grin.

When I asked, they confirmed that they had celebrated their wedding with us two months ago. According to her, it was one of the most special days of her life, the most wonderful gathering of her family and best friends.
friends that they could have imagined. Today they have their first child-free date after the wedding and have chosen their personal place of love as the location. Now I had the permanent grin because their shared happiness
spilled over. They ordered individual dishes from their wedding and enjoyed their meal in a different way.
As they sat at the bar, they reminisced and told me how they had perceived the day…

The Bonvivant Рin the heart of Schöneberg Рis a place to come together, to enjoy, to experience and to be curious. Behind the scenes, creative minds and experimentation enthusiasts are constantly striving for new experiences Рmodern
Variations on popular classics and the reinvention of upscale gastronomy. All this in a vegetarian-vegan variety.

In 2023, the team’s efforts were rewarded with their first Michelin star. A fine dining experience that offers a 6-course evening menu as well as brunch, brings everyone together at one table and welcomes everyone with its cozy, informal atmosphere.

They had opted for the sharing concept for their wedding, the table was full of dishes from across the menu and everyone was able to try everything once. They could have all eaten a 6-course meal, they choose this concept
perhaps for her bronze wedding, the woman emphasized with a twinkle in her eye. The couple at the bar chatted about their wedding dance in the center of the restaurant, which was accompanied by an enchanting live performance by a
good friend and singer. To this day, they still get goosebumps when they hear their song – Mit Dir by Sido. In order not to let his excitement show at the time, he had constantly looked at the flower arrangements around him, which were pretty much all
wishes of his aesthetics-loving wife.

To round off their special date and my fulfilling morning, I gave them both a drink – our juniper & foam – on the house. She sipped the foam and realized that this had been her wedding drink. Only
the foam was conjured up in her favorite color.

To summarize: We want to make everything possible for you and celebrate the best day of your life together with you!

We cordially invite you to a tasting meal at a discounted price and talk together about your
Dream ideas.

Wedding catering is also an option that we would be happy to work out with you.

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For further information, please send us an e-mail to or call us on 0176 61722602.


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