Seaside Bridal Boudoir


She is self-aware and knows exactly what she wants – the bride. Spending lonely and quiet hours at the ocean at first, to indulge in the sound of the sea. To find ease of mind and to get lost in the sound of crushing waves. Afterwards she wants her sweetheart – for ever. Therefore, two simple words are enough: I do.

At this sensual bridal boudoir by  ArtObscura Photography  the bride has time to herself, wrapped in sheer fabrics in shades of lilac, blue and maroon. One last time she feels the severity of loneliness before she and her groom head towards a new future full of easiness together.

In front of bald stones and the heavy sea pompous elements unite with melancholic colors. Vivid blossoms blend with the dark shades of her bride-to-be outfit and take beholders into a world of mystical romance. Sensuality has never been more compelling.

Thoughtfully she strides along the coast letting her black dressing gown unguardedly dance with the wind. Her hair is already bride-like, loosely pinned up to one side and adorned with bright green flowers.

In her hands she holds her lavish bridal bouquet in bold colors which couldn´t express her feelings any better. This is how she walks into the sunset, until she sets off for her groom, dressed all in black.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: ArtObscura Photography
FLORISTIK: Florale Werkstatt crecendo gewachsen



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