Stunning elopement in Iceland


Dress warmly because it’s going to be freezing cold, snowy white and glassy as we join photographer Lara Lam for a stunning elopement in Iceland.

Pointed icebergs rise imposingly from the open sea, glittering ice floes drift silently along the coast. A scenario as if painted, but the natural artwork is real.

So real that it gives us goosebumps, not only from sheer beauty and uniqueness that transports thought, but from coldness and compassion for the brave bride and groom.

It almost seems as if bride Mimi is trapped in the eternal ice, but it is her dreamlike dress that glides gracefully and expansively down her.

Warmth finds her heart and soul in the arms of Partner T, who admiringly and lovingly protects her from the merciless whims of Mother Nature.

But what is the saying? If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer. And who wants to have beautiful wedding portraits maybe a little bit more. At least it was visibly worth it for them to travel to the impressive landscape of Iceland with photo artist Lara Lam to enjoy the heartwarming shots and everlasting memories together with us right away….






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