Bridal Dreams in Untouched Nature


Motionless the lake lays at her feet, only the silent sough of the trees from the opposite bank interrupts her thoughts. Expectantly she looks into the distance, across mountains and valleys up to her future as bride.

Wedding inspirations that blend into a piece of untouched nature as if they were an integral part of it testify a very special instinctive feeling.

An instinctive feeling like the wonderful florist and stylist  Amber Reverie and photographer  Mariel Hannah must have to turn natural props into unique impressions like these.

A fresh, wildly looking bridal bouquet and artful stationery were enough to stylishly underline the bride´s naturalness and and the simpleness of this idyllic piece of earth.

 Mariel Hannah knew about Utah´s magical lakes and rivers and made it visible for us on her impressive pictures.

Text: Marina Jenewein


lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0001 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0002 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0003 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0004 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0005lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0050 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0007 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0008 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0009 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0010 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0011 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0012 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0014 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0015 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0016 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0017 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0017a lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0018 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0019 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0020 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0021 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0022 lake-meadow-utah-wedding-inspirations_0023

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mariel Hannah Photography
FLORALS + STYLING: Amber Reverie
DRESS: Janay Marie
JEWELRY: Land of Salt
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Katie Livingston
CALLIGRAPHY: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
PAPER: Silk and Willow
RIBBON: Frou Frou Chic
MODEL: Taylor Jarman

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