Natural Beauty At The Ocean


The ocean, the breeze and the easiness of tender spots of light pink join these two brides on their way. Carrying these two beauties on the surges of desire across the beach of The Netherland´s island Texel.

Photographer Daniel Kondratiuk chose the rest of the world´s shore to capture quiet elegance covered with freedom-loving romance. Where bridal couples can spend wonderful wedding weekends together. This is where they look at the horizon to sneak a peek into their mutual future.

This romantic cottage at the beach invites us in to experience unforgettable leisure hours before the wedding. And to witness the bridal´s getting ready when they slip into their stunning gowns by Edel Brautmoden while sending their thoughts far away into the ocean´s depth turning them into floating memories.

With their favorite accessory – the bridal bouquets by Rickenbach – in their hands they head towards the beach. Until they reach a romantic picnic in the sand. Where even rustic charm finds its elegant side between subtle white wooden elements.

That´s nautical grace all in white. Why not? Sometimes good things don´t need a lot and your dream wedding at the beach becomes a glamorous wedding weekend at the North Sea.

And in the evening when you´re finally announced husband and wife you will watch a pictorial sundown together, picturing your vows in the melancholic sky.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Daniel Kondratiuk Photography
BRAUTKLEIDER: Edel Brautmoden
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Angelika Penner 
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Lydia Gerzen
HOCHZEITSPLANER: Hochzeitszauber Koblenz
FLORISTIK: Rickenbach – Blumen für Koblenz
SCHMUCK: Schmuckatelier Heinrich
Mietmöbel: Nimmplatz




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