Hidden garden that time forgot


Imposing and engaging the house of God presents itself in all its glory, not sparing with impressive details of Gothic architecture. It seems like time stood still since it was built yet the signs of the times can´t be denied.

Pointed arches lead through the medieval Building´s pompous grounds passing ivy-covered walls and rough stony paths. Tall windows guide every ray of light inwards letting the solid art of construction appear light and weightless.

Like an echoing bell-ringing a bride brings the cathedral into the present. Delighted by the historic charm of its past, enjoying the secret garden of today…

For our bridal story, we took advantage of the gentle light filtered through the majestic windows. event stylist Aisha von Sassy A la Mode Wedding Agency and photographer  Inna Kostukovsky told us.

Our bride, a young and carefree dreamer, walked between the walls, slick and slippery with moss, exploring the mysterious and untamed garden where exotic plants and flowers grow among the arches, lending the place an air of romance and quiet.

A strapless robe with a sweeping tulle skirt by Lara Ashley and a wildly seeming bridal bouquet revived London´s St. Dustan´s in the East Church which was breathtakingly captured for us by photographer  Inna Kostukovsky.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Inna Kostukovsky  
PLANNING: Aisha at Sassy A La Mode Wedding Agency
LOCATION: St Dustan’s in the East Church London 
GOWN: Lara Ashley
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Vickie Ellis
RING: Vintage, stylist’s own 
MODEL: Maria, BMA Models, London


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