Couple of free souls


Newly in love and carefree they only have eyes for each other. Exchanging deep looks, intimate closeness, loving kisses and tender touches. Their time stands still, yet the world keeps on turning.

Nothing but freedom surrounds the youthful joy. No appointments, no feeling for space and time. Wild animals serve as their role models as they float like on a cloud through the day. They have each other and don´t need anything else.

Photographer Nastia Vesna brought us these captivating pictures from a recent workshop organized by Kristina Levanovich.

Deeply impressed the artist told us: „The idea was to show a couple of free souls who was too much in love to care about the world around them. We chose to shoot at a national park close to the North Sea. We were so excited when we found this place full of wild horses and buffalos! The spirit of freedom was in the air and helped us to create a story that celebrates love, purity, closeness to nature and simple moments.“

With an opulent bridal bouquet florist  Olga Shvets  created a floral highlight among this barren landscape of the national park and gave our bride the perfectly natural jewelry she deserved at the same time.

Let´s get infected by the weightless images shot by Nastia Vesna and dream away the day with us…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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What do you know about Passion? from OatStudio on Vimeo.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Nastia Vesna 
ORGANIZATION: Kristina Levanovich
STYLING: Olga Shvets & Nastia Vesna 
FLOWERS: Olga Shvets 
DRESS: Wedding designer Rara Avis Group
SLIP: The Lace Atelier 
MODELS: Ksenia Kovtunenko & Dmitriy Balan 
MAKE-UP: Ksenia Tyrsikova 



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