Colorful Bohemian Love


A mild summer´s sun lets bold colors of blooming nature gleam, educing the sweet scent of love from flowers to blow it away with the wind. Once you smell the perfume of gorgeous peonies you´ll never forget how pure romance smells.

Exactly like this colorful Bohemian wedding inspiration by wedding photographer Birgit Hart who showcased this multicolored open air wedding theme full of vitality and casual magic in collaboration with  feste feiern – eventgestaltung.

Between the bold brilliance of roses, palms, flower arrangements by  Petra Müller Blumen and bushes in huge pots we find plain elegance in the form of casual wedding magic: bride and groom tying the knot under a self made wedding arc.

She enchants in a loosely falling bridal gown by Rue de Seine finding its perfection within its subtle spaghetti straps and the bride´s casual updo with an extra big blossom in her hair.

Simplicity can be so beautiful. With love and joy in their hearts the couple enjoys this summer party of love. An opulently laid table invites the modern Bohemian love to rest and laugh with a wide range of colors.

Light pink, red, white and green underline delicate golden highlights while light blue turns passionate attitude into soft passion…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0001 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0002 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0003 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0004 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0005 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0007 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0008 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0009 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0010 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0011 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0012 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0013 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0014 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0015 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0016 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0017 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0018 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0019 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0020 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0021 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0022 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0023 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0024 botanikum-bohemain-hochzeits-inspirationen_0025


ORGANISATION: feste feiern – eventgestaltung
BLUMEN + PAPETERIE: Petra Müller Blumen
CANDYBAR: Kaiserlich und Königlich 
BRAUTKLEID: Rue de Seine über Hey Love München
BRAUTJUNGFERNKLEIDER: Twobirds Bridesmaid über feste feiern – eventgestaltung
STYLING: Jasmin Kohlmayer
TRAUREDNER: Johann-Jakob Wulf – Strauß & Fliege
TRAURINGE: Schmelztiegel München
FLIEGE: Mybrotie
Braut: Caro Dosch
Bräutigam: Salih Erdogan
Brautjungfern: Lola, Lee & Lena