Colors of winter

Laura and Tom are happily married for a couple of years now. Back then their wedding was very classical.

Recently both had the idea to celebtate one more wedding-day, but this time it had to be rustic, full of blithefull decoration-items and just for the two of them.

With the help of an eventplanner they put a wooden plate onto two old boxes and made a cute dessert-table which got then decorated in shades of red and white.

The complex created wedding cake was a super sweet eye-catcher and seduced one to bite into it.

Even the paper-work had a fresh and youthful style and fitted harmonically into the whole picture.

Warm coffee with cream, delicious cookies and fresh berries create a pleasant atmosphere. A funny sledge-ride is the days’ highlight.

Laura and Tom enjoyed this day of togetherness very much and had a great time with their photographers Esther & Gabe of Bell Studio who catched this beautiful winterly atmosphere on camera for us.

Yes, with this lovely couple-shooting we send this years’ winter into his well-deserved summer break.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




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FOTOGRAFIE: Bell Studio – Esther & Gabe
EVENTPLANER: Szelence Eskuvo
FLORISTIK: Floralily
PAPETERIE: Szentgyorgyi Tunde




Bell Studio – Esther & Gabe


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