Composition and Motion on Film


Moments of a bride are emotional, meaningful and imprinting. The head seems empty yet full of emotions. The heart beats fast but it´s still calm.

Lost in thoughts looks wander through the window into the distance but the future is already here. Far-away the eyes close to see what only the soul can see.

Feeling yourself without losing yourself, finding yourself without getting lost. Letting time stand still without stopping the world from turning. That´s what the moments of a bride are all about…

Aesthetics, style and perfection – that´s what event stylist Ginny Au  stands for. For many years she´s a pathbreaking figure in the wedding industry. With this styled shoot she proofs impressively why it is how it is.

Beauty lays in simplicity, elegance in easiness, grace in freedom. Like no other the stylistically confident artist inspires with minimalistic masterpieces over and over again.

We are deeply impressed by the sense for beauty that fine art photographer Lauren Kurc  shows by capturing motion and grace as well as the contrasts of light and shadow on her incredible pictures. It’s a homage to film photography that showcases the stunning tension and aesthetics that can be reached with analogue photography.

Lauren Kurc  drew inspiration from the natural rhythm of a moving body and opened her mind to the composition of movement to tell an authentic story with her camera. With her expressive images she captures our imagination.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



LOCATION:  Le Marche St George
CLOTHING: Charlie & Lee
HAIR: Christina Orologio with Pony Salon 
MAKE-UP: Marie Pearce  
ASSISTANT: Rebecca Mccolgan
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab 
MODEL: Delaney Beaton



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