Love is in the Air

It is the perfect liaison in the open air: delicate blush tones unite with dark rock in Tenerife, which is a steadfast rock to the rough sea and this time also to true love.

Tender romance just needs support now and then. And she finds it on the beach of Tenerife, in a contrasting wedding inspiration by photographer Lilly Karsten on the rocky shore.

Directly in front of the waves of the unruly sea, a love full of opposites is shown here, which, like man and woman, nevertheless need each other.

Romantic delicacy in white and pink meets the elemental force of the ocean with its black rocky outcrops and together result in a rushing love affair for just a moment. Yes, opposites do indeed attract.

In need of protection, the elegant bride in her modern princess gown nestles against rough rock.

The structure of the finest lace unites with that of the rock in the blink of an eye – and suddenly they can no longer do without each other. Become one with nature.

She does the same with her curly hair that dances playfully with the sea breeze and with the floral crown in gold that reminds us of the flowering vegetation of the interior. Contrasts that only love can demonstrate so magically.


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Lilly Karsten Photography
DRESS: Dowry Bridal Lounge
PAPER GOODS: Rebekka Bai’s design office
JEWELRY: Skusa jewelry stories
DETAILS: little pink butterfly
MODEL: Hanne



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